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About me

About me

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Hello! Welcome to my crazy world. 


•I live with my family in The Osborne Madhouse, here in Cheshire. 


•We have two furbabies, Lola the chug and Alfie the cavapoochon, who add to the general chaos. 


•I am known for my sense of humour.


•My first book was published quite late in life (I was 60!!!!) so I now have to run at all times to catch up. So much to doooo!


•Being published has been life-changing.  And I mean that in a good way... I think!


•My motto is 'It's never too late to achieve anything'.


•In addition to writing, I organise Northwich LitFest.


•I like gin and champagne, although preferably not both at once.

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