Talks & press


Book Signings
Northwich LitFest
Jane James (Playwright), Sunny Ormonde (Lillian Bellamy in The Archers) and Sue Wilson (BBC Radio Director)
Some of the guest speakers at Northwich LitFest...avec moi!
Adele Parks 
Carole Matthews
Eleanor Dryden & Angela Clarke
William Shaw
Julia Baird
Rowan Coleman
Sophie Parkin
Laura Lockington & Julia Crouch
Juliet Greenwood & Trisha Ashley
Paul Burston

I have done many public speaking events and Interviews including at Literature Festivals, reading groups, WI groups and radio (even for a Spanish radio Station!) If you'd like to contact me in regards to coming to your event, please use the contact form.

Here's a few of the events I've enjoyed being involved in...

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