After the upheaval of moving from Cornwall to Cheshire to find work, Tom and Kate Darrington seem to have life sorted out. Kate is a devoted mother and talented artist, Tom a caring and sensitive husband and father. They have the perfect marriage, a beautiful home, two gorgeous children and are still madly in love. But when a tragic accident strikes, their perfect lives are torn apart and their love is put to the test. But will love be enough to save their marriage?

The shockwaves from the Darringtons' tragedy spread out like ripples on a pond and touch the lives of the people around them. Kate's best friend Chloe tries to offer support, but her own problems cloud her judgement. Caroline, the young receptionist at Tom's office, complicates matters with her infatuation for him, and her clumsy attempt to help almost ends in disaster. As this hard-hitting domestic drama unfolds, lives become entangled and relationships change forever.

Grace lives at the centre of a chaotic but happy family, who are her whole world. She has two teenagers, Zak and Cleo, from her first marriage to Richard, and a precocious three-year-old, Izzy. Gran, who is in the early stages of dementia, also lives with them; and then there is Alfie, a lovable but incontinent dog. Grace cares for them all, nurtured by the love and stability given by her second husband, Charlie. But sometimes she feels she would like to escape to a more exciting life.

Then a letter from her long-lost sister turns Grace's life upside down. An emotional meeting leads to shock revelations. Now Grace knows why Gran turned Anna out of her house, aged just 16.

Charlie's jealousy of Grace's first husbandRichard rears its head, and Grace feels jealousies and concerns of her own as new relationships are formed and old ones reassessed. Emotions are running higher than ever, but does this family have the strength to pull through?

Kate is trying to rebuild her life after the death of her baby son and her husbands unfaithfulness. Having fled to Cornwall with her daughter, the last thing she expects is a call for help from her former best friend the woman who slept with her husband, Tom, and destroyed their marriage. With huge misgivings, Kate returns to the Cheshire town where her life fell apart and stays with Grace the indomitable warm heart at the centre of a loving but chaotic household. If an outspoken four-year-old, senile Gran and characterful dog can't make Kate forget her troubles, no one can.

When Kate comes face to face with Tom again he still gives her butterflies does she still love him? But, more importantly, can she ever trust him again? The friendship between Grace and Kate the heroines of Susi Osbornes previous two novels - is the only constant in an ever-changing landscape of embarrassing moments, fraught relationships, and shock discoveries in this moving yet humorous novel.

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Following years of sexual abuse and resulting psychological trauma, Angelica Stone has learnt to rely solely on herself. Unwilling to allow anyone to get close to her, Angelica is reluctant to allow her work colleague Lola into her life. Lola, in contrast to the damaged Angelica, is from what appears to be a happy middle-class family. But all is not what it seems. An unlikely bond is formed between the two as they learn more about each other.

As they become closer, a series of life-changing events leave Lola on the verge of ruin. Will the friends be able to better themselves and have the lives they so desperately want? Or will they succumb to the expectations and the path already laid out for them? Angelica Stone follows both characters in their own journey of self-discovery. This close and in-depth look into the lives of Angelica and Lola will see the reader laugh and cry as the two women learn about themselves and the invaluable friendship they have.

'Susi Osborne has a real talent for developing relationships authentically'

                                                                                                - Sue Magee, The Bookbag

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